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DiVA introduces their new members

AKB48 sub-unit DiVA has revealed their 6 new members!

The 6 members were introduced at AKB48’s very own “Kohaku singing battle” on December 20th. Together with original members Akimoto Sayaka, Umeda Ayaka, Masuda Yuka, and Miyazawa Sae, the girls performed their new song for the very first time.

The new members are Kasuya Satoko, Futami Yuuki, Furukawa Atsuko, Fukuno Ramu, Inoue Yuina, and Yamagami Ayaka. Kasuya stated, “I will be strict to myself, and do my best,” while Futami commented, “We will do our best with competitive spirit and smiles, so please support us!” Furukawa also greeted, “I will do my best with my smile.

In addition, Fukuno said, “I’ll be delighted if you go home today remembering my name.” Inoue expressed, “I will do my best with a lot of energy,” while Yamagami showed her hometown pride saying, “I want to do my best as a native of Hokkaido.

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