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6:53 pm - 12/20/2011

Nakayama Yukiko to graduate from BiS on 12/31

On December 20th, idol group BiS held their much-anticipated one-man live "IDOL is DEAD" at Ebisu Liquidroom. Approximately 900 fans were said to be in attendance to the jam-packed event.

However, the show was also host to an unexpected turn of events: member Nakayama Yukiko (20) announced her plans to graduate by the end of the year. A founding member of the group, she is now the second to graduate after the departure of Yokoyama Rina in June earlier this year. BiS is set to perform a New Year's live at Shimokitazawa Shelter later this month which will serve as Nakayama's graduation stage.

Remaining members Pour Lui, Hirano Nozomi and Terashima Yufu are expected to continue as a three-member unit. BiS leader Pour Lui has stated the group is currently undecided on whether or not a new member will be auditioned to take Nakayama's place.

Ebisu Liquidroom is a wrap~!

Everyone, thank you so much!
It was amazing!!!!

I still haven't gotten over my excitement, so I'm not sure what I should say here,

but I'll start with an important notice from today.

As of our 12/31 live at Shimokitazawa Shelter,
I, Nakayama Yukiko "UK,"

will be graduating from
Brand-new idol Society — BiS.

I'm sorry it's such an unexpected announcement.

I think I probably shocked the people who heard it at Liquidroom.
It was such a long-awaited, fun occasion; I'm sorry.

But above everything else, I wanted to announce it from my own lips, so I was lent that space and given the opportunity to reveal that announcement today.

I couldn't explain it properly, so I said I'd write the rest on my blog,

but the reason why I've decided to graduate now is that the direction BiS has taken is no longer the place my own feelings are at.

I realized suddenly that even the things I'd had fun doing in BiS weren't fun for me or things I personally wanted to do anymore.

As I thought these feelings were inexcusable to have in front of the other members of BiS and all the fans who've supported us, I decided to graduate.

The year I spent as a member of BiS was short but intense, and I was able to meet so many people through my activities in BiS.

Everyone in BiS,
all of our fans,
and everyone from our staff,

I love you all.
So much that my gratitude is impossible to express fully.

No matter how much I say it, it's still not enough, but thank you so much.


For doing this at such an important time for us, I'm truly sorry. And I truly thank you.

From now on, while supporting BiS-chan in whatever new form they take and spending my days at leisure,
I think I'll go searching for what I really want to do with my life one more time.

I don't feel particularly drawn to any kind of entertainment work as of now.

But of course, because I love music, so far I've simply thought that I'd like to pursue music in more detail.

Even though I'll be graduating, I hope you'll all continue to support BiS as you always have.

Though it's only for a little while longer, I want to do my absolute best in the performances I have left,

so I hope you'll keep supporting me until the very end.

Thank you so, so much.

Nakayama Yukiko

Source: Nakayama Yukiko official blog, Pour Lui official blog.

Kind of rushed her blog post, so I apologize if parts sound a little weird. :'( I want to support them still, but... I don't know. UK was everything that made them special. Rina was one thing, but I can't imagine a BiS without Nakayama Yukiko.
taylorniw 21st-Dec-2011 12:58 am (UTC)

I'll miss her. I wonder what direction it was she didn't like.
flightbyzephyr 21st-Dec-2011 01:27 am (UTC)
Aw she was my fave.
rexona_woman 21st-Dec-2011 03:05 am (UTC)


UK was my second favourite but she stands out SO much in BiS and it's just going to be so weird without her omg :( :( :(
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