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[Spankin' New] Several Sexy Still Shots of Sawajiri Erika's New BeeTV Drama Unleashed

Erika entices by showing off her nutritiously naughty body while hitting hundreds of hot homeruns out of the park.

Erika Sawajiri has been quite the busy gal these past few days! The angelic actress has been adamantly accessible through her latest displays of hidden talents and interests, including baseball and lobsters. The modest mogul majestically modeled her bombastic baseball abilities on the set of her BeeTV drama "L et M Watashi ga Anata wo Aisuru Riyuu, Sono Hoka no Monogatari." Sawajiri was consistently coached for many months by a sports professional, displaying her distinct devotion and dedication to the role.

Sawajiri also showed her commendable culinary skills as she insightfully inspected ice-cold lobsters fresh from the tank. The salacious seafood is rumored to part of Sawajiri's Christmas dinner plans in which the tenaciously talented actress will create a terribly toasty environment for family and friends with prayer, drinks and lobsters.

It seems from covert cooking connoisseurship to secret sports skill, the savory Sawajiri is sexily savvy in nearly everything she does!

Source: Facebook
Written by devilsatin
Tags: actor/actress, erika sawajiri, fashion, model
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