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Capcom Opening Themed Bar in Shinjuku

Partnership with Karaoke bar chain Pasela expands

Pasela, a Karaoke bar chain Capcom has worked with in the past on Monster Hunter promotions, is joining forces with the gaming giant once more to open the cleverly named "Capcom Bar" in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward in January, 2012.

The bar will be appropriately Capcom themed, of course, with game demo kiosks, Capcom goods, and special food and drink menus with a Capcom twist. Capcom Bar will also be host to events featuring talks with game creators, as well as the filming location for its "Hagitoko!" live web show.

Capcom Bar is scheduled to open on January 25 on the first floor of the Pasela Resort in Shinjuku. Here are some nice little interior sketches.


interesting! would you guys like to visit if you had the chance?
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