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Entertainment News which got the Most Exposure in 2011

Conducted by research and marketing firm M Data.

#1 AKB48's third senbatsu election (22h, 4m, 6s)
#2 Talent Shinsuke Shimada's retirement from showbiz (15h, 36m, 24s)
#3 Actress Yoshiko Tanaka's sudden death (12h, 26m, 32s)

#4 Kara's dispute with their management (11h, 47m, 28s)
#5 US popstar Lady Gaga (11h, 47m, 28s)
#6 Actress Minako Komukai (7h, 29m, 35s)
#7 Death of Tachikawa Danshi (7h, 23m, 39s)
#8 Keisuke Kuwata's return after successfully removing cancer (6h, 15m, 31s)
#9 Erika Sawajiri's divorce (6h, 8m, 34s)
#10 CD debut of "Maru Maru Mori Mori!" by Suzuki Fuku & Mana Ashida (6h, 0m, 57s)

#11 SMAP kicking off its 20th anniversary tour in Beijing (5h, 14m, 46s)
#12 Actor Hiroyuki Nagato's death (5h, 5m, 12s)
#13 Kiyoshi Kodama's death (4h, 30m, 6s)
#14 Hallyu in Japan (4h, 20m, 16s)
#15 Actor Yoshio Harada's death (4h, 16m, 17s)
#16 Comedian Jiro Sakagami's death (3h, 59m, 57s)
#17 Gravure idol Miyu Uehara's suicide (3h, 54m, 24s)
#18 Kabuki actor Ichikawa involved in a brawl (3h, 14m, 57s)
#19 Reporter Eiji Okuyama's body found (3h, 7m, 43s)
#20 globe's KEIKO hospitalized (3h, 5m, 26s)

cr: mantan-web
Tags: actor/actress, akb48, ashida mana, comedian, death, erika sawajiri, gravure/av, hallyu, kara, polls/ranking, smap, talent

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