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Ayu is streaming her CDL on Ustream again for 2011-2012

Live broadcast on Ustream!(December 31th 2011 22:30(JST))

「ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2011-2012 A ~HOTEL Love songs~」scheduled to be held
at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium will be broadcast on Ustream!
To fulfill the request of fans that were not able to buy the ticket,
who were too far away to attend the event,
and for the fans overseas,we have decided to broadcast towards the whole world!
Hope we can share this magical experience with you!

・Ustream; http://www.ustream.tv/ayu
・Live on Ustream; December 31th 2011 22:30(JST)
・Ticket price; ¥2,100(Tax included,JPY)
・Payment method; Credit card
・Subscription period; December 31th 2011 22:30 - January 1th 2012 by Last song of LIVE.

too bad I can't watch it, but this year is going to be epic, hopefully it makes up for this decent Ayu year.
how was 2011 in terms of Ayu for you this year, arama Ayu fans?

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