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miwa new single - 2012.02.01 - "Kata Omoi" + new infos

The rumor is now official :D

Have we expected Clair de Lune for the single release?
No! Clair de Lune is the B-Side!

note : click images for bigger pictures

片想い (Kata Omoi - Unrequited love)

LulzImg - Image Hosting for teh lulz
price : ¥1575(tax in)
First Press content : DVD Acoguissimo no Tabi, Color Tray, Special Present flyer

LulzImg - Image Hosting for teh lulz
CD only
price : ¥1223(tax in)
First Press content : Special Present flyer

☆First Press content for both version is the same.
☆First Press will not be distributed anymore until it sold out.
☆Warning, Special Present Flyer is planned for PC, Mobile Phones (i-mode / EZweb / softbank) to access. If you don't have that, you can't enter the Special contents.

1. 片想い / (Kata Omoi)
2 クレアデルネ / (Clair de Lune)
3. acoustic live tour “acoguissimo”メドレー
~441~Wake Up, Break Out!~don't cry anymore~Chasing hearts~FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC~chAngE~めぐろ川~
4. 片想い~instrumental~ / (Kata Omoi ~instrumental~)

Preorder links
CD only CDJapan

Source : miwa-web + miwaddicts

miwa-39live-miwanissimo goods + tracklists
The special live titled miwa-39live-miwanissimo already started yesterday, (24/12/2011) on ZEPP TOKYO, and here's some special goods they sold.

Price : ¥5,000 
LulzImg - Image Hosting for teh lulz

Bath Towel
Price : ¥3,000
LulzImg - Image Hosting for teh lulz

and this is the tracklists she sung in her one man live!!

1. Chasing hearts
3. arienai!!
4. don't cry anymore
5. Little girl
6. TRUE COLORS (ミュージックソン中継 | Music song relay (?))
7. Dear days (Solo)
8. megurogawa
9. Otoshimono
10. Tsuyoku Naritai
11. -Medley- Anata ga Inai to Sekai wa Konna ni Tsumaranai ~ Last Christmas ~ ジングルベル (Jingle Bell) ~ 赤鼻のトナカイ (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) ~ あわてんぼうのサンタクロース (Santa's outlook milet) ~ サンタが町にやって来る (Santa Claus is Coming to Town) ~ Anata ga Inai to Sekai wa Konna ni Tsumaranai
12. Clair de Lune
13. chAngE
14. Haru ni Nattara
15. Hajimari wa Owarijanai
-Encore- (写真&写メ撮影 | Continuous shooting photos & media (?))
16. Futari no Saturday
17. 441

Source : miwaddicts + miwaddicts

miwa's song 'HATSU NATSU' chosen as theme song for FujiTV Variety Show 'AINORI' 2nd Season
Starting on December, 24th 2011. FujiTV will air the second season of Variety show 'AINORI2', the variety itself will shoot in Cambodia. And miwa's song from guitarissimo album, "HATSU NATSU" / ハツナツ, is chosen for the theme song along with WEAVER's new song, "Nakitai kurai shiawase ni nareru yo" :')

Source : Ainori2 Official Website + miwaddicts

PS : Apparently, there's new rumour about her new album in 2012.03.14, but I won't update the info until official announcement ;)
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