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Flawless aniki GACKT holds special screening for “BUNRAKU” in Sendai

On December 24th, singer GACKT (38) held a special screening and stage greeting for “BUNRAKU“, his debut Hollywood movie, at the MOVIX Sendai, Miyagi. This special screening was his Christmas present for residents within the Tohoku disaster area, whom he’s been helping out actively through projects like “SHOW YOUR HEART“, a relief fund for the victims.

During the stage greeting, GACKT revealed that his filming schedule for this movie was very difficult, as he could only sleep two hours everyday. Fortunately, some of that stress was stemmed off by his friendship with co-stars Demi Moore and Josh Hartnett.

GACKT said, “I went drinking with Demi and Josh even during our limited off-times. People in Hollywood were good at resetting their mind like that in order to concentrate better on work. Because of the experience, I started to separate my on and off time, no matter how busy I was.”

He also yelled for the audience, “Since the Japanese people are modest, they tend to give up on things even before they start doing something. But the ability of the Japanese people is something we can be proud of in front of the world. So, please have confidence without giving up on anything.”

“BUNRAKU” is scheduled to be released on January 14th in Japan.
Source: TokyoHive | CinemaToday | moviecollection

Happy Merry Christmas, arama!
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