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10:20 am - 12/26/2011

Miyazaki Aoi rumored to have an affair with V6’s Okada Junichi

We previously reported that the actors Takaoka Sosuke and Miyazaki Aoi were in the process of getting a divorce. Reportedly, Miyazaki was fed up with Takaoka’s supposed infidelity, and his recent Twitter scandal introduced a new tension to their marriage.

Following the outbreak of such news, however, rumors have begun to surface about Miyazaki having an affair.

According to related sources, Miyazaki was spotted with V6’s Okada Junichi at an onsen (hot springs), causing many to speculate that the two were having a romantic rendezvous. It’s said that their ‘affair’ is another reason why Miyazaki and Takaoke is getting a divorce.

None of the parties involved (Miyazaki, Takaoka, and Okada) have commented on the rumor and there is no clear evidence that confirms this to be true.

Source + Image : tokyo sports & tokyohive

eskarina77 26th-Dec-2011 08:19 pm (UTC)
Rumours about Sakamoto then Ken just for DVD release

Rumour about Okada with the announcement of single release....
j_linker444 26th-Dec-2011 09:44 pm (UTC)
OMG. Don't tell me the lead track of the rumored single would be POISON PEACH!? I think it falls in the V6 'Forbidden Love Affair' songs category LOL
eskarina77 27th-Dec-2011 10:31 am (UTC)
Poison Peach is face B...lead track is Bari Bari Buddy (yep...and 2 Le with different footage)

I almost forgot...not only a single, but Kinkakuji will be released on DVD....I'm waiting for another rumour from other members....

Inocchi, it's time for you to have another child XD (but maybe not right time for your wife ~~~~)
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