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Yara Tomoyuki gets first starring stage role in “Douke no Hitomi”

Johnny's Jr. member Yara Tomoyuki (28) will be the solo star of a stage production for the first time. The production is an original musical titled “Douke no Hitomi,” written and directed by Tamano Kazunori.

Yara has been with Johnny's Jimusho since 1995, and he has appeared in several of the company’s stage productions, such as “Endless SHOCK” and “PLAYZONE.” He is said to have a lot of confidence in his dance ability, and he has even created dance routines for Arashi’s hit song “One Love” and for Kanjani8’s live performances.

Under the advice of choreographer Travis Payne (best known for working with Michael Jackson), Yara went to a dance school in Los Angeles for two months starting in November 2010.

“Douke no Hitomi” is said to be an entertainment-filled show that even includes tap dance. Yara plays a young man who decides to write a picture book for the sake of his visually-impaired mother.

Yara’s supporting cast includes Ayabuki Mao, Hosaka Chizu, Kosakai Kazuki, Konishi Ryosei, Harada Yuichi, Sasaki Yoshihide, Kiryu Sonoka, Miwa Asahi, and Sato Yosuke.

Performances will be held at the Theatre Creation in Yurakucho, Tokyo, from April 10 to 24, 2012.

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Official Website via tokyograph

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