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does kitagawa keiko get around?

Kitagawa Keiko, who is rumored to be the “Strongest Carnivorous Queen of the Entertainment World” was outed by 2 of her ex-Boyfriends in the Shuukan Taishuu, which goes on sale the 26th. According to the article, Keiko’s ex-boyfriends were Ikemen Actor A who is now at the height of his popularity, and wild popular actor B. The two first have reminiscent talk about going out with Kitagawa in a club in Roppongi, but the conversation gradually turns to sex. As the conversation starts getting juicy, both actors begin arguing in a mingle of jealousy, to the point the argument could be heard in the surrounding area. Yet, both sides returned to normal when it was found they both agreed on one thing — that Kitagawa is extraordinary at giving oral.

Furthermore, the men revealed Kitagawa has a “devilish technique” in bed and report she is for sure a “carnivorous actress”. Her past rumored boyfriends include Tamaki Hiroshi, Matsumoto Jun, Miura Haruma, Mukai Osamu, and Yamashita Tomohisa. Based on her history of love affairs, its only appropriate Kitagawa be called an “Ikemen Killer’”.

first post, shoutout to my girl keiko, get it guuurl.

translation and original source
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