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Aya Ueto's agency responds to marriage rumour

On January 1, it was reported that actress Aya Ueto (26) and EXILE leader HIRO (42) are planning to get married in the spring.

According to Sponichi, Ueto has already revealed this news to her mother and close friends, as well as to her talent agency, Oscar Promotion. However, the agency responded to the rumours by denying being aware of any marriage plans. "We have not heard about any of this," a spokesperson said.

Ueto and Hiro are said to have first met when Ueto was 12 years old and taking dance lessons from Hiro prior to her debut. Their romance was reported in the summer of 2010 and despite appearing at many events since, Ueto has yet to deny or confirm the relationship.

source: News24
translation: baboona

She can do better than this crusty oompa loompa. And BTW, Thermae Romae comes out in April and EXILE are touring this spring... I think you know where I'm going with this.
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