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Oriental Radio’s Nakata Atsuhiko dating Fukuda Moe?

Nakata Atsuhiko (29), one half of the comedy duo Oriental Radio, is reportedly dating talento Fukuda Moe (26). The rumor has not been confirmed, but according to the Sports Nippon newspaper, a person close to the couple says they began dating after appearing on a variety show together last spring.

The source says that the relationship is a serious one, with both Nakata and Fukuda having marriage in mind for the future. It is said that the two have recently been visiting each other’s homes and going on trips together.

Fukuda is a former Miss Yokohama National University who has experience as a television weather announcer. Nakata, who graduated from Keio University, is the “boke” of the popular duo Oriental Radio along with “chara” character Fujimori Shingo.

Source: tokyograph
Sponichi Annex

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