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Johnnys' hatsumode (shrine) tradition

'Closer than a live! Lucky fans see Johnnys members up close'

About 200 fans were waiting for them. As usual Johnnys went to their late-night hatsumode (first shrine visit of the year)
Around 2:30 am, the first group arrived. They entered through a different entrance than the normal visitors, coming in a minivan after the countdown concert ended.
Tokio was first and V6 and NEWS members followed. Imai Tsubasa came escorting the vice president Mary Kitagawa. 'The past few years it was Kamenashi that escorted Mary. But today they came in different cars, what happened?' (Girl A)
The fans that come every year even notices these details. Matsuoka and Masuda both waved at the fans while Nagase gave a small smile as they came in. To the fans, the New Year's 'first Johnnys'(sighting?) are very important.

At 3:30, they finished the ceremony and left. But the fans still didn't leave.
'Last year we went home around this time, but this year we are waiting for Arashi to come' (Girl B)
Around 3:50, Arashi came. There was much commotion from the fans. At 4:40, Arashi left.
'Sakurai was all bundled up with a mask while Jun had a grey jacket that looked very kakkoi. Nino and Ohno and Aiba were chatting, seeing these made me very satisfied!' (Lady B)

But don't leave yet, because..... around 5:30 Yamashita Tomohisa and Akanishi Jin came together. The ones who waited out in the cold were rewarded with seeing them. Very enviable!

(5) Kamenashi came alone (rest of kt didn't come)
(6) Matsuoka
(7) Imai Tsubasa while escorting Mary

From right to left:
(1) Sakurai, Ninomiya, Aiba, Ohno, Matsumoto
(2) Kokubun, Sato Atsuhiro, Higashiyama, Koichi, Nagase
(3) Kato, Tegoshi, Masuda, Koyama
(4) Sakamoto, Miyake, Okada

xq/Shukan Josei
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