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Aya Hirano to Star in Live-Action Muse no Kagami Show

The Japanese voice actress Aya Hirano (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Fairy Tail, Lucky Star) will star in the live-action television series Muse no Kagami (Muse's Mirror). The AKB48 pop group member Rino Sashihara will also perform a lead role in the late-night drama.

The series will center on the personal growth of a girl name Maki (Sashihara). After a major production company shuts her out of the world of show business, a self-confident former star (Hirano) sees talent in Maki and coaches her to become the next big actress. Maki's rise as an actress gets complicated when the production company sends a young man to undermine her efforts, but he starts to fall for the developing star.

Yūichi Fukuda (Yūsha Yoshihiko to Maō no Shiro live-action show, Pro Golfer Hana) is producing and writing the script for Muse no Kagami. Sashihara will perform the show's theme song as her solo debut. The 24-episode weekly series will premiere in Japan on Sunday at 1:55 a.m.

Hirano will also perform a similar role in the live-action television series Konna no Idol Janain!? (This Ain't an Idol!?), which will begin airing in Japan on Wednesday.

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