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KAT-TUN Anime Airs!


KAT-TUNx [entag!]

Watch the anime here

 (new KAT-TUN song, SMILE FOR YOU, from CHAIN album)

As some of you are probably already aware, the short KAT-TUN anime/CM starts today in Japan (2012.01.13). The anime/CM is for the renewal of the mobile gaming site Logtomo, whose name is changing to entag!. The CM broadcast schedule for Japan is here. The anime has a total of five very short episodes, with an overall running time of 4min. It's basically to promote the site (which is why you have Maru running around in each ep, showing off the games on his phone, lol).

The anime scenario is that this girl is living with KAT-TUN in a "non-blood related" brother-sister way. There are several doki-doki scenes. ;P So it's like an otome game without actually being a game unfortunately.

Episode 1 - Junnosuke (48s)
It's been 1 month since I first started living with the non-blood related brothers...

Episode 2 - Tatsuya (51s)
Kyaa! Doki-Doki Every Day☆

Episode 3 - Koki (47s)
Cooking for my sake...

Episode 4 - Kazuya (52s)
It's as if we're newlyweds (embarrassed)

Episode 5 - Yuichi (53s)
The nice surprise from everyone is...!

Compilation (all 5 eps together) (4min12s)



Credits here

LOLOL. Maru was all over the place. Ueda is hot. I still think the Kame's anime character didn't match him and that Maru switched to Junno. But can't we have more? This is fun.

Ueda Entag
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