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6:25 pm - 01/13/2012

“ALWAYS 3″ uses the sky as the backdrop for an advertisement

On January 12th, the promotions for the upcoming third and final installment in the “ALWAYS” trilogy, “ALWAYS San-chome no Yuhi ‘64” took to the skies. The film used three propeller planes to write ‘333′ as a form of advertisement and used the vast blue sky as the backdrop.

“ALWAYS San-chome no Yuhi ‘64″ (English title: “Always: Sunset on Third Street 3“) will continue to depict the lives of the residents at Third Street in Tokyo, this time set in 1964. The Olympics are set to take place in Tokyo and the country has experienced a period of rapid economic growth.

The best spot to see the skywriting was from the back of the Tokyo Tower, where the main cast witnessed the expensive event (costs of $390,000 USD) together with the reporters and the spectators.

Yoshioka Hidetaka was brimming with anticipation and said, “This is going to become a great year.” Meanwhile, Yakushimaru Hiroko boasted about the nice weather, “I’m called a ‘hare onna’ (clear weather woman) after all.”

Horikita Maki was impressed by the skywriting and commented, “This was exciting! In the movie there are scenes with the Olympic rings floating in the sky, but today is the first time I get to see the real thing.”

In the morning, the rehearsal of the event faced some issues, as thick clouds and an unfavorable air current made it impossible to produce the three numbers. Fortunately, and thanks to Yakushimaru, the weather was much better during the actual performance, once again showcasing the fortune of the citizens living on Third Street.

Director Yamazaki Takashi commented, “We already did this in simulations with the computer, but as expected the real thing is much better.”

“ALWAYS San-chome no Yuhi ‘64″ will be the first part in the trilogy that is going to be screened in 3D.

Horikita stated, “I was 16 years old when I played Mutsu-chan in the first movie… Together we have grown into adults. Please watch over her until the end (when she becomes a bride).”

Yoshioka was proud about his young colleagues, “This series helped Suga-kun (Suga Kenta) and Horikita-san on their way towards becoming independent actors, which fills me with even more pride.”

“ALWAYS San-chome no Yuhi ‘64″ will open in Japanese theaters on January 21st.


myjulien 13th-Jan-2012 03:46 pm (UTC)
I love these movies!
cam169 13th-Jan-2012 03:49 pm (UTC)
Finally some news, I love "Always" <3
Maki is looking gorgeous, let the hair grow hun.
jennyhime 13th-Jan-2012 06:56 pm (UTC)
I love the Always movies. It looks like a good ending to the series, Chagawa having a baby and Roku-chan getting married.
But where is Tsutsumi Shinichi ?
And yay for Bump of chicken doing the theme song!
pocariporii 13th-Jan-2012 07:07 pm (UTC)
Wow...I love the last pictures with the orange balloons too. So beautiful!
And I can't wait to see it. Maki's character getting married =D
love_etcetera 13th-Jan-2012 09:50 pm (UTC)
ok I teared up a little, I love these movies! <3
whited_79 14th-Jan-2012 04:50 pm (UTC)
the sky's so pretty! :)
miss_lonliah 15th-Jan-2012 06:06 am (UTC)
I loved the 1st two movies!
Can't wait <3
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