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Co-star asks Matsujun the girlfriend question

One of Jun Matsumoto’s detective drama co-stars, Oizumi Yo tried to uncover some hidden information about the Arashi star at a press conference in Tokyo on January 12, reports Chunichi Sports and The TV. Matsumoto plays a rookie detective in his upcoming drama series Lucky Seven. Along with six other detectives at his company, the detectives fight with one another, but eventually manage to work together to solve the case.

“I think we’ve made a really good show. I think it brings something different to the usual Monday night dramas and I hope everyone looks forward to it,” Matsumoto said.

During the press conference, the cast were asked what they would like to investigate if they were real detectives, and actor Yo Oizumi said he would like to look into Matsumoto’s dating life.

“It has to be Matsujun. You never hear that stuff about him…so do you have a girlfriend?”

The question caught Matsumoto off guard. “You want me to say something about it right now!?,” Matsumoto said.

But Oizumi kept the conversation on the same topic. “You’re old enough, and I was curious. I assume you’d have loved someone by now,” Oizumi said.

“I’ll tell you later,” Matsumoto said.

During the event, Matsumoto shared some stories about what it was like on set.

“There’s a scene in our detective office where we all talk together, but we each had our ‘this-might-make-it-more-interesting’ ideas so the scene ended up becoming something bigger than what was written in the script. I’m having a lot of fun going to work because there’s always something new.

“Another scene I remember was an action sequence I did [for episode 1] with Eita. We had to get it perfect or one of us could’ve got injured, but we managed it alright. Right?”

Eita answered by giving his side of the story.

“In the action scene, I had to hit Matsujun for real, but it was amazing because Matsujun kept telling me to hit him harder. By the time it came to filming the scene, I felt so guilty while I was hitting him. We’re good friends in real life though,” Eita said.

Lucky Seven begins in Japan on January 16.

Translation and source: Momoedgewood, Oricon news
Tags: actor/actress, drama, eita, matsumoto jun

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