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True rival of AKB48 set for new Meiji CM + their version of Aitakatta!

On January 12th, AKB48’s “official rival”, Nogizaka46, attended a press conference for the new “Meiji Tezukari Chocolate” CM, where they performed their debut song “Guru Guru Curtain” for the first time.

Member Ikoma Rina, who gained the ‘center’ position in the CM, commented, “I can’t believe we were able to appear in a widely known CM even before our debut. It feels like Christmas, New Year’s Day, my birthday and Valentine’s Day all came at once!”

The CM is titled “Curtain Watashi”, and features 16 chosen members from Nogizaka46. The girls are seen exchanging “Tomo-Choco” or ‘friendship choco’ in a classroom while “Guru Guru Curtain” plays in the background. (In Japan, many girls exchange chocolates with their female friends on Valentine’s Day.)

Member Nakada Kana happily revealed that it was a personal delight for her to work with Meiji. “It was my dream to work at Meiji’s development lab for confectioneries. I’m happy to be able to be involved with Meiji in this way.”

When asked about their “rivals” AKB48, fellow member Sakurai Reika said, “They are more like a goal we want to surpass, and are also the mental pabulum for us to work hard on our lessons. Someday, I hope we can be their rivals.”

Below are the “Meiji Tezukuri Chocholate Senbatsu members”:

- Shiraishi Mai
- Nakada Kana
- Takayama Kazumi
- Ikoma Rina
- Ichiki Rena
- Sakurai Reika
- Ikuta Erika
- Iwase Yumiko
- Eto Misa
- Hoshino Minami
- Ando Mikumo
- Saito Asuka
- Saito Yuuri
- Yamato Rina
- Fukagawa Mai
- Miyazawa Seira

Nogizaka46's Aitakatta!


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