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the GazettE Announces 10th Anniversary Live & New Album

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  On January 14th, visual kei band the GazettE wrapped up their tour at Yokohama Arena, where they announced a 10th anniversary live and a new album.

  the GazettE’s 10th anniversary live is called “10TH ANNIVERSARY THE DECADE“, and is scheduled to be held on March 10th at Makuhari Messe hall. As for their new album, “DIVISION“, it will be released sometime in August

  As for their final concert that night, the band set the pace with “VENOMOUS SPIDER’S WEB“, an energetic track that immediately enlivened the crowd of 15,000 people. Fans started headbanging when RUKI called out, “Shake your heads!

   the GazettE performed 23 songs, mainly focusing on their latest album, “TOXIC“. RUKI expressed, “As much as the tour was fun, it’s still a little sad. 2012 just started, and the tour is over. This was the first live of 2012, and it’s over. This kind of thing is very the GazettE-like.

The DVD for this concert is scheduled to be released on May 9th.

Tickets and travel package for GFC members

Many requests have reached the office concerning a travel package for the GazettE's anniversary performance long before it had been announced. Finally the waiting is coming to an end. Travel package and ticket sales have just started for members of the GLOBAL FAN CLUB, timely with the Japanese fan club HERESY!

And for their 10th anniversary of course their needs to be a special VIP-plan, so check out the details:

[Performance Info]
Date: 2012/03/10 
Venue: Makuhari Messe Hall 10 (All standing!)
OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00
Ticket Price: 7,665 Yen (tax and handling fees in.)
* Travel package and ticket-only applicants up to six tickets per person

[Application Period]
01/16 to 01/29

[VIP Plan Travel Package]
(1) Original video showing on the bus from hotel to venue
(2) One-night stay in Special VIP Hotel near the venue AFTER the live
(3) Advanced access to goods sales via FASTPASS
(4) VIP GOODS SET Present
- The VIP GOODS SET will be available at the VIP Hotel, including an original room key-card
VIP GOODS SET: Room wear, bath towel, amenity set and more...
(5) GFC members will receive a special present on top!
(6) Limited travel package present for all guests

A standard and budget travel plan are also available.
If you become a member within the application period, you can also apply for the VIP package and the GFC members present! Don't miss this chance!

People who would like to also attend the MJP GIG vol.3 can extend their stay via the format provided!

Apply for the GLOBAL PS COMPANY FAN CLUB here!
Apply for the travel package here!
musicJAPANplus GIG vol.2 supported by JOYSOUND×UGA December 20th 2011 at SHIBUYA O-EAST

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