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Gouriki Ayame, Igawa Haruka, and Iseya Yusuke to become au’s new image characters!

On January 16th, actresses Igawa Haruka (35), Gouriki Ayame (19), and actor Iseya Yusuke (35) attended an announcement event representing au as new image characters.

Their CM is set to broadcast starting on the 21st and will feature the three as protagonists for a popular manga “Kyojin no Hoshi (Star of the Giants)” alongside with Hoshi Hyuuma, the main character of this series. This fictional character participated in this event through a monitor screen and even stated enthusiastically, “I am absolutely passionate about au who offers students friendly services such as their student discounts! I am going to ask my dad for a smart phone right now!” and greeted himself to the audience. Gouriki then revealed, “Even during the filming of the CM, he was really energetic,” and laughed with this comment.

In addition to this endorsement announcement, au also announced their new logo, products, and services as well.

Tags: actor/actress, cm

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