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SDN48’s Serina reveals her post-graduation plans

On January 18th, SDN48’s Serina (26) made an appearance at the DVD release event for the movie, “The Speak”.

This thriller tells the story of six people who get trapped in a hotel and must find a way to escape. Consequently, reporters were inspired to ask Serina if she had experienced a ‘thrilling’ event of her own. In response, the idol referred to her upcoming graduation from SDN48.

For me, to be in SDN48 and not knowing what will happen every day in this situation was kind of ‘thrilling’ for me,” she said.

SDN48 will bid their farewells on March 31st, but Serina is already starting her solo career through variety programs and gravure projects. She shared her future hopes with, “I would like to appear in a movie and would love to start a job as an actress.

Speaking in a cute, high voice, she continued, “I would also like to do some voice acting as well.”

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