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Dangerous’ Yasuda Kazuhiro announces his marriage

It’s been reported that Yasuda Kazuhiro (44) of comedian duo Dangerous has tied the knot to a 25-year-old non-celebrity!

The couple had been dating for approximately three years, and registered their marriage on January 17th. Yasuda commented, “I thought this would be buried amidst Hamasaki Ayumi-san and Wakatsuki Chinatsu-san’s big news. However, I’m thankful that people are interested in someone like me. I will continue to work hard, so please continue to support Dangerous.”

This news was first revealed by Yasuda’s comic partner Nocchi on January 15th through his official blog. He wrote, ”With this, Dangerous has become a 4-person group. Let’s do our best for our wives.” He also joked, “I’m envious she’s 19 years younger.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Tags: comedian, marriage

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