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Lyricists to be hired to Help Write Lyrics for AKB48

At a press conference for AKB48's new documentary movie on January 18th, AKB48's produder Akimoto Yasushi revealed to the press that he was considering hiring other lyricists to write the lyrics for AKB48 songs.

He commented "I wrote 200 songs for the AKB48 group just last year. I think there will be more this year, so from now on I will not be the only one writing, and I hope to get help from talented lyricists."

Aki-P has been the lyricist for all of AKB48's songs since the group formed at 2006. Not only that, he also writes the songs for the sister groups and subunits, writing a total of more than 600 songs.

However since AKB48 became national idols 2 years ago, and also because there are new sister groups and subunits constantly being formed, he is not able to cope with the load. In the past, a Team would change the stage they are performing roughly in half a year. But currently Team A , K and B has been performing the same stage for almost 2 years. And lets not talk about Team S and SDN's stage...

Thus he decided to explore new options and possibilities.


Hope they get more of the girls to write the lyrics like Kuramochi
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