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Preview for Sawajiri Erika's comeback is flawless

The mobile broadcast service BeeTV recently released the trailer for their upcoming mobile drama, ‘L et M: Watashi ga Anata wo Aisuru Riyuu, Sono Hoka no Monogatari', starring Sawajiri Erika in a double role.

The drama is a love story directed by Kanchiku Yuri (‘Tenshi no Koi’, ‘DOCUMENTARY of AKB48′) and revolves around two very different individual women named L and M (both played by Sawajiri). One is a beautiful and smart career woman who is slow in love, while the other is a pure and sweet woman who is assertive and evil towards love. Her two love interests are played by Murakami Jun and Nakamura Aoi.

The trailer features the drama's theme song, 'One More Thing' by Tohoshinki. 'One More Thing' which will be featured as a b-side on Tohoshinki's upcoming single, 'STILL'. The single is set to be released on White Day (March 14).

L et M’ will start on February 1st.

source: Tokyo Hive, What's in Web, DongBangData
Tags: drama, erika sawajiri, tohoshinki

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