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ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION releases best hits album in the US

Rock band ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION has announced that they have released their very first greatest hits album “BEST HIT AKG” in the US.

The album is available now on iTunes and Amazon and contains songs from six of their albums and mini albums, including their new song “Marching Band“.

The band has garnished international popularity through their work associated with popular anime titles such as NARUTO and BLEACH.


1. Far and Beyond
2. Piece of the Future
3. Understand
4. A Flower Named You
5. Rewrite
6. To Your Town
7. Loop & Loop
8. Black Out
9. Blue Train
10. A Town in Blue
11. After Dark
12. Rock’n Roll, Morning Light Falls On You
13. Mustang
14. Fujisawa Loser
15. Love songs of new century
16. Soranin
17. Marching Band

Purchase the album on iTunes! &Source: tokyohive

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