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Ashida Mana is a chicken for new 'Chicken Ramen' CM

Today, Nissin Food Products released a new commercial for their ‘Chicken Ramen‘, starring popular child actress Ashida Mana as ‘Hiyoko-chan’ (a young chicken).

Ashida was appointed as the new image character for ‘Chicken Ramen’ back in August of 2011. For this new CM, she’s sporting the same cute costume as in the first commercial.

In the CM, Hiyoko-chan is pushing a handcart with chicken ramen while cheerfully singing the ‘Chicken Ramen Song’. She suddenly runs into a woman who is coming back from shopping and gets scolded, “Little boy, you are noisy.” Becoming sad after those words, she pouts like a duck and says, “I’m not a boy…*shun*…

Ashida enjoyed transforming into a young chicken for the second time. “It was fun dressing up as Hiyoko-chan again and pushing this cute handcart,” she said. It was relatively hot under the costume and she always had to put some ice on her head in order to cool down again during the breaks. Of course, the professional that she is, she never lost her smile despite those struggles and received a chicken ramen set as a present, consisting of a special case and various PR goods.

After the filming she was asked what kind of occupation she would like to try out aside from acting and being a salesgirl in the CM. “I want to run a biscuit shop and become a pianist,” she answered cheerfully.

The new ‘Chicken Ramen’ CM began airing on TV earlier today.

source: Tokyohive

Cutest thing i've ever seen

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