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Live-Action Doraemon CM with AKB48's Atsuko Maeda

The new live-action Doraemon CM starring AKB48 idol group member Atsuko Maeda has been airing in Japan.
Like the previous CM from Toyota Motor Corporation, the fourth CM depicts the characters of the classic children's manga in live-action, two decades after they grow up.
The new "Nobita's What-If World" CM begins with Doraemon's owner Nobita giving up on getting a driver's license and saying that he would rather go online. (He wanted a license to take his old crush Shizuka on a car date.) 
Doraemon is munching on his favorite snack, dorayaki (sweet bean-filled cake), when he hears this and brings out his Moshimo Box ("What-If Box," a well-known device of his from the original manga). With the box, Doraemon shows Nobita the "what-if world" where he did earn the license.
A compact hybrid car appears before Nobita in the "what-if world," but so does a mysterious woman. Nobita does not realize until the very end who the woman is ― Jaiko (played by Maeda), his former childhood friend who might have been his wife, had Doraemon not intervened.

Source: 12 & MAKING (embedding disabled)
DORAYAKI!!!! <333
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