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Shimizu Shota is collaborating with Oda Kazuma for his new single


On February 22nd, R&B singer Shimizu Shota will be releasing his new single, “Kimi Sae Ireba“, which will feature singer-songwriter Oda Kazumasa as a special guest.

The collaboration was put into effect after Shimizu appeared on the TBS annual Christmas program, “Christmas no Yakusoku“, back in 2009. Shimizu directly approached Oda, whom he respected both as a singer and a person.

“Kimi Sae Ireba” was written and composed by Shimizu himself. Meanwhile, Oda was in charge of the production and arrangements. The bonus DVD for the limited edition will contain footage of the two in the recording studio.

Shimizu commented, “It’s a really simple song that I made while feeling the greatness of ordinary music. It’s a very positive song. I pray that it will reach the hearts of many people.”

Additionally, the single will include a cover of Nakajima Miyuki’s “Keshou” as its coupling track.

Prior to the CD release, “Kimi Sae Ireba” will be available in Chaku-Uta form on February 1st.

01. Kimi Sae Ireba / Shimizu Shota feat. Oda Kazumasa
02. Get Over U / Shimizu Shota
03. Keshou / Shimizu Shota (Original : Nakajima Miyuki)
04. Kimi Sae Ireba -Instrumental-

if they do some dumb typical J-ballad pv with them not in it I will scream
anyway can't wait!

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