love323able (love323able) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

Those underatted artist/ JANUARY 2012

Basically those "unknown" needing more love artist no one bothered to post about....
The first for this year^^
though honestly, either i didn't look hard enough cuz i only like around 2 :/

Sayonara Itoshi no Peter Pan Syndrome- SOPHIA
Double A-side Release: Jan. 11

polyhthm winter-FACT
Album release: Jan. 11

Darl: orz- Kii Kitano
Release:Jan. 18

Coloring- Yui Horie
Release: Jan. 18

Release: Jan.18

Callin You- DEEP
Release: Jan. 18

Kohakuiro ni Somaru kono machi wa- Home Made Kazoku
Release:Jan. 25

It's not alot for the whole month of January, so if you guys know or find any more releases of this month feel free to post it w/your comments^^

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Tags: epic post, music/musician, music/musician (j-rock & visual kei), music/musician (j-urban), pv

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