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Starting in January AKB48's Akimoto Sayaka Becomes a Numero Tokyo Columnist!!

Sayaka’s Column in “NUMERO Tokyo” starting from March issue (2012.01.28 on sale!) with Victoria Beckham on the cover.

The column is called “Akimoto Sayaka no MODE na onna michi” (Akimoto Sayaka’s way to be a mode girl) where every month Sayaka will challenge herself on her “Mode knowledge” on fashion, beauty, body maintance… to become a mode girl.

In a blog entry on the Numero Tokyo Website by Numero’s Fashion editor Hisako Yamazaki said she met Sayaka the first time at DiVA BEAUTY photoshoot last summer. During the shoot and the interview, she felt that Sayaka really suited Numero’s style and therefore they offered her a series on Numero.The first theme of the series is “First time”

During make-up, Sayaka said “I’m really worried because I’m not used to fashion photoshoot…” but the moment she stood in front of the camera, her potential started to shine. She kept saying “I’m so nervous~ I’m so nervous~” the whole time but final photos turned out really wonderful.

Sayaka will also start a blog on Numero’s web here.

More Behind the scenes pics from Sayaka's Numero photo shoot!

A big thank you to Bamboobranch for letting me share the news! Numero is a fairly big magazine and very high fashion so I am really excited for the photoshoots of Sayaka that will come with this column, I bet they will be divine!! 2012 is definatly gonna be Sayaka's year!! Side note, isn't that is a really nice cover of Victoria!?! EDIT: Updated with more pics :)

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