Arama They Didn't

11:39 am - 01/27/2012

MUSIC STATION 2012.01.27

Haneda Kuukou no Kiseki / TOKIO


Kataomoi Finally / SKE48



KISS KISS / Kim Hyun Joong

Alternative link: della612

sign / JUJU
Embedding disabled

Hello / ayaka


*Performances are in broadcast order.

Next week's guest lineup:

Smile / Avril Lavigne
Hajimari no Toki / ayaka
Za ABC ~5stars~ / A.B.C-Z
Mangetsu ni Hoero / CHATMONCHY
Wonderline / YUKI
ohprecioustime 27th-Jan-2012 07:35 pm (UTC)
wish Kuu was here or next week,she could use it but she gotta take care of that bb

but JUJU was flawless,and I can't with KHJ and his sales,Japan you disappointed me
itskimbitches 28th-Jan-2012 02:14 am (UTC)
obviously his company bought his album buz there is no way in hell that could happen
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