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Ebisu Muscats announces new single, “Honey Trap ♪”

Sexy idol unit Ebisu Muscats have announced that they will release their new single, “Honey Trap ♪“, on March 28th.

This will be group’s first single after transferring to Pony Canyon from NAYUTAWAVE RECORDS. The girls made their debut in February of 2010, and have since released five singles and one original album. They enjoyed great success last year after holding a one-man live at the Hibiya Outdoor Theater, as well as embarking on their first Asia tour.

“Honey Trap ♪” will be available in four different versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Limited Edition C, and Regular Edition.

The Ebisu Muscats will hold a one-man live titled “Souda! Yappari Shibuya Kokaido ni Ikou!!” after they release “Honey Trap ♪”.  This concert will take place at Shibuya Kokaido, the same venue the girls had planned to perform in March of last year, which was canceled due to the Tohoku Earthquake.


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