CHERY (cherylena) wrote in aramatheydidnt,

Happiness' MIMU on Hiatus Until Graduation

A month ago, it was announced that one of Happiness' performer, MIMU (17) will be on hiatus for an unspecified reason. More information regarding this was released yesterday.

A notice confirming MIMU's hiatus until her graduation was released to clarify the matter. Here's a rough translation:

Thank you for supporting Happiness.

Happiness' member MIMU will be concentrating on her studies and decided to put her activities with Happiness on hold.
Even so, she will continue to practice dancing. 

(We/MIMU) Would like to thank everyone for supporting everyone and assure everyone not to worry.

Thank you for being understanding regarding MIMU's hiatus and please continue supporting Happiness. 

Thank you.


I'll be ok as long as she comes back/ 
Tags: happiness

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