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Ikuta Toma & Yoshitaka Yuriko attend pre-screening event for “Bokura ga Ita”

On January 30th, Ikuta Toma and Yoshitaka Yuriko attended a pre-screening event for their upcoming film, “Bokura ga Ita“, at the Roppongi Hills Arena.

Ikuta expressed, “I want people to remember their youth and watch this movie with a smirk.” Yoshitaka added, “It really does make you want to smile. It should ring the bell within your heart.”

“Bokura ga Ita” tells the love story of a couple who first met in high school; it continues to follow their lives over a period of 10 years. Ikuta plays the role of ‘Yano Motoharu’, a popular guy with a shadow in his heart while Yoshitaka plays ‘Takahashi Nanami’, who continues to love Yano wholeheartedly.

The movie is based on Obata Yuki’s popular manga of the same title, which has won “The 50th Shogakukan Manga Award“. It will be jointly distributed by Toho and Asmik Ace, and will be released as a two-part film.

The first part of the movie is set during the couple’s high school days. Ikuta commented, “We played our roles from high school to the ages of 24 or 25, so I want to show everyone Yano’s history and growth.” Mischievously, he commented, “Yoshitaka-san looked good in an uniform.”

Yoshitaka returned the compliment with, ”Ikuta-san in uniform was fresh, he looked handsome.” She continued, “I went to high school part-time, so I was able to fully experience student life [through this film].”

Director Miki Takahiro, who also attended the event, commented, “These two were the perfect pair, it’s as if they’re truly dating. Although they’re not dating, they were so close that I had to ask them, ‘Could you hold back a little?”

He also expressed satisfaction in the movie as he stated, “I talked things through with Obata-sensei to make sure the direction of the manga and movie were going in the same direction. I think it turned out to be a movie that will make you want to fall in love.”

“Bokura ga Ita Part 1″ will be released on March 17th, and “Bokura ga Ita Part 2″ will open in theaters on April 21st.

Source: 1 | 2 | More screening photos | Trailer with Mr. Children song "予告編" on the official page
Can't find Toma's pic... JE policy.  (;一_一)
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