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Mesmerizing Mogul Sawajiri Erika's Savoury Sense of Style throws Japan into a Couture Calamity!

Sawajiri Erika, who has recently made her conceptually coquettish comeback with the BeeTV drama, "Let M Watashi ga Anata wo Aisuru Riyuu, Sono Hoka no Monogatari," will be showing off her long-awaited fashion forte as a clothing producer in collaboration with the series. Sawajiri has been working with popular brands Samantha Thavasa and Mercury Duo on the clothes. The entire country of Japan is currently in a frisky frenzy as viewers have been demanding to find out where to purchase her gracefully glamorous garbs.

In the drama, the vivaciously versatile Sawajiri acts as two very different characters, both in personality and looks, and the drama revolves around two different love stories featuring the characters: the hard-working, cute/cool L, who is a late-bloomer in love, and the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, M, who seems innocent but is actually actively aggressive and something of a provocative playgirl when it comes to men.

The devilishly delectable drama is gaining considerable attention for its costumes, which come from the direction of magazines "sweet" "GLAMOROUS", and include 50 pieces worn in a meticulously mesmerizing manner by Sawajiri.

And for the show, Sawajiri Erika has been working hard as a fashion producer with Samantha Thavasa and Mercury Duo, collaborating for angelic yet ascertainable accessories and apparel. The collaboration items will be available for sale starting Feburary 1 on EC sites "Stylife" and "Runway Channel."

The clothing, which will be worn in the drama, has come into fruition thanks to "sweet" and "GLAMOROUS" magazines and the clothing brands, but especially because of Sawajiri herself, who got the business deals in order and checked every item herself. Thanks to this great opportunity, anyone from home healthcare nurses to female impersonators can log in, purchase, and do a complete metamorphosis into the gorgeous characters of M, L, or both!

Upon hearing this news, netizens have been leaving courteous comments saying things such as "Each one of her outfits in this Drama tells a story!", "Her sense of style is remarkably unique, it must be her African roots.", "Maybe this line will give me a slinky shoulder line like Erika.", etc.

Source: mu-mo
Written by: devilsatin
Executive Producer: devilsatin
Line Producer: apple_fries
Production Manager: Unnie
Catering: Burger King


Tags: actor/actress, drama, erika sawajiri, fashion, model

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