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akb48's enka princess prays for solo debut success

On January 31st, AKB48 member Iwasa Misaki prayed for the success of her solo debut single, “Mujin Eki“, at the Senjo-ji Temple in Tokyo. Reports say that she prayed for approximately 20 minutes in the main temple, wearing a red, elegant kimono.

Afterwards, Iwasa held a release event at the Shinbashi SL Hiroba, attracting a crowd of 3,000 fans. “I’m Iwasa Misaki, the first enka singer from AKB48,” she said. “Please treat me well!“ She then went on to perform both her debut song and its coupling track, “Heavy Rotation (Enka version)“, for the very first time.

During an interview before the event, Iwasa revealed that Akimoto Yasushi had composed the song for her. “Akimoto Yasushi-sensei told me that he wrote this song for the Iwasa of 30 years from now. In 30 years, I’ll be 47-years-old. That’s older than my mom right now. It’s hard to imagine…”

The idol received a delightful surprise when she was presented with a cake celebrating both her debut and her 17th birthday (January 30th). “I’m very happy!“, she beamed. “This year is my final year in high school, so I want to take the advantage and wear my uniform pointlessly before it becomes ‘cosplay’.”

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