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“Gout Temps Nouveau” to end after 6 years

Fuji TV’s talk variety show “Gout Temps Nouveau” (Wednesdays 11:00pm) will end in March, it has been announced. The show began in April 2004 as “Gout Temps” and was revamped as “Sora Tobu Gout Temps” in April 2005, before being changed one more time to its current format in April 2006.

The show is currently hosted by Esumi Makiko, Yuka, Hasegawa Jun, and Matsushima Nahomi (on maternity leave). The show has been one of the more popular “girl’s talk” programs on television, averaging a 12.2% rating since April 2006 and reaching as high as 15.6%.

However, the show’s production team explained that after 6 years, the show has done all that it can do. Details about its replacement have not yet been revealed.

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