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Miyake Ken has a sleepover with Oya Kana

Tabloid magazine Josei Seven caught V6's Miyake Ken (32) out on a date with popular model Oya Kana (24) last Friday. A "reporter" from the magazine found Miyake walking proudly without any disguise when he met up with the model. Apparently the two have known each other for a while through mutual friends and bumping into each other at various club events, although they had only began dating last fall.

The couple was last seen walking together before heading back to Oya's home. It is assumed that they spent the entire night there.

Miyake has occasionally been reported to be seen on dates with female celebrities in the past but this is his first rumor of a relationship since his highly publicized relationship with popular singer Amuro Namie and prior to that, dating former Morning Musume member Ishikawa Rika.

source 2

speaking of morning musume, will he pull a nacchi and say they were just playing video games? lol.

but ngl...as much as i love ken i'd be proud too if i were with oya kana too. she's gorgeeeeous.
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