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Asano Tadanobu & Naka Riisa spotted dating and sharing a kiss?

This week’s major scoop of the infamous weekly pictorial magazine ‘FRIDAY‘ eventually made it into the newspapers again, unlike last week’s controversial story. This week they are claiming that actor Asano Tadanobu (38) and actress Naka Riisa (22) have been spotted dating quite openly in Osaka.

The tabloid backed up their story with pictures of the two embracing each other tightly in a taxi and enjoying a date in broad daylight. They even witnessed them kissing in public while waiting for the traffic light to become green, which seems to make it a sure case that they are more than just friends. Asano and Naka are 16 years apart, but that doesn’t seem to be an obstacle for the two.

According to ‘FRIDAY’, the two of them went on a date at Osaka Minami, one of Japan’s largest shopping districts, around the end of January. They went shopping with joined hands and relaxed at a coffee lounge. Aside from hugging each other on the street and in a taxi, it was even witnessed how they kissed each other while waiting at a traffic light. ‘FRIDAY’ also picked out two pictures from Naka’s twitter that must have been taken during her Osaka date with Asano.

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Source: Sanspo and tokyohive

Tags: actor/actress, rumour

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