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More on the Ken and Oya Kana rumors

A picture from the original article has finally been published in regards to the rumors of the potential relationship between V6's Miyake Ken and model Oya Kana.

Sponichi Annex has added to the story today stating that the two have been going out without any fear of the public eye, hence why they had been caught so easily. They also added that when both of their agencies were asked to give comment on the matter, neither party confirmed nor denied the story.

In addition, Oya, who has become the top searched Yahoo!Japan keyword for the dates of February 2nd and 3rd, has not updated her Twitter nor her blog since the news. Also, since Miyake had surprisingly addressed his last "scandal" on his radio show, fans are curious as to whether or not he himself will address the rumor. In spite of this netizens still speculate that the two are indeed dating.

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i knew he would be shorter than her but holy height difference! i did have a good lol but at first but i find this so adorable OMG.

and they used a really shitty inset photo for her lol no wonder she's been searched so much.
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