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Actress Sayaka Yoshino announces her marriage

Actress Sayaka Yoshino (29) has announced that she’s married.

On February 2nd, Yoshino shared the news through her official blog. “I registered my marriage on September 19, 2010, but before I could report it, the Tohoku Earthquake struck.

She continued, “Both the victims and people throughout Japan had to undergo trials. That summer, I lost my two dogs who were like family to me, and I couldn’t report my celebration. I was thinking about telling all of you at a good time, but the media reported the news at the same time as my announcement.

According to her agency, Yoshino’s husband is an American who is a non-celebrity. They met about 10 years ago through a mutual acquaintance, and started dating shortly after.

Yoshino was the original member of Chaidol, who appeared on various TV shows and movies. She was also a model for teen magazines “Nicola“ and “Pichi Lemon“. In recent years, she has been active with her actress career, appearing in many stage plays and movies.

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