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Kobukuro is BACK! (kind of)

Have not made a post in all of LJ since forever so I can't bear to know that news of real musicians goes unnoticed and unmentioned forever. I didn't even know this until when I randomly decided to go check out their website just now.

Looks like Kobukuro is (kind of) back from their hiatus!!! And their new digital single Mitsubachi (Bee) has been released on Renchoku on January 27!!! Its CD release date has yet to be decided.

The song Mitsubachi, a song about the importance of the connection between people, is the CM song for NTT West. It was released digitally along with a guitar version of "Ryusei" on January 2011. Mitsubachi's ringtone has been available for download since December 14, 2011.

Kobukuro's comment on the new single Mitsubachi:
"The connection between people's hearts is like how Bees connect the lives between flowers. And as bees are becoming less in numbers, so are real spoken words. And during these times, we would like to express the importance of communication through music, and that was how this song came about." (I only got the gist of it translated... and bad translation sorry >< feel free to add on to it.)

Other updates I've gathered about them since their hiatus announcement in August 28, 2011:
- Their single "Ryusei" has received the "Song of the year by download" in the Japanese music category at the 26th Japan Gold Disc Award (第26回 日本ゴールドディスク大賞).
- Their KOBUKURO LIVE TOUR 2011 has raised a total of 25,073,037 yen from fans. Along with the additional donations made by Warner Music Japan, the companies involved with the tour, Minosuke Records (their management office), Office Kobukuro and the chairman of the company, and the members Kobuchi Kentarou & Kuroda Shunsuke themselves, the total donation amount was 85,642,797 yen.

Official website
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