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Kisumai releasing 'Kis-My-Mints'; haters have halitosis

Kis-My-Ft2's first album, "Kis-My-1st" and 3rd single, "SHE! HER! HER!" will be accompanied by a special promotional campaign throughout the coming months. The campaign was announced by avex and Johnny's Entertainment and became a hot topic recently.

A special favor will be included in each single, allowing fans to enter a raffle for special events that will occur accompanying each tour date. The events, "Kis-My-Party" will be held in every city for fans to enjoy.

For those buying both the single and the album, they will receive an invitation to join a lottery for access to the special "Cho Premium! Secret Event" that will occur at a later date. Details on the special party have yet to be announced.

The boys will also be promoting special mints, called 'Kis-My-Mint.' A photo of the advertisements that will accompany the new hot product has leaked recently on Chinese fansites.

Source - 1 & 2 & 3

omg I need these mints!
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