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Kumi talks about her new hubby <3 with VIVI magazine

To ViVi readers:

Looking back, I think my relationship with him was full of ‘firsts’.
It was the first time I dated someone younger than me. And it was the first time I could completely be myself around my partner.

I’m not saying that I overtaxed myself in previous relationships but I think I may have been trying too hard at some points.
Being able to relax completely means I can be completely honest around him. That’s definitely also because he loves me sincerely and openly.

When we’re together and when we’re apart, my heart grows warm and my mind feels at ease simply by feeling him. Feeling this at home every single day made thinking about marriage only natural.

Our life together has only just started. I want to continue sending “songs of love” to everyone while spending my life fostering love together ♥


also she talks about her inspiration about Japonesque and a Q & A



Kuu-chan, congratulations on your marriage!

She announced her marriage last year and she’s radiating happiness ♥
Kuu-chan is enthusiastically involved in music.
She shares her ambitions for 2012 with us ♥♥♥

“I frequently went abroad last year, mainly within Asia. Be it Vietnam, Singapore or Thailand, no matter where I went, a surprising number of Korean songs were being played. I saw that not just Korean but also a small number of Taiwanese and Chinese songs were charting after checking the music charts. But not a single Japanese song was charting... That felt really frustrating.”

After the Great East Japan Earthquake last year there were numerous opportunities to see how music gives many people strength. Japan has amazing music that only Japanese are capable of making. Koda Kumi grew up listening to that kind of music. I want to show the world how amazing Japanese music is!! – She included that wish in her new album JAPONESQUE. Melodies that touch the hearts of the Japanese and world-class edgy songs – in short, JAPONESQUE is a cool album full of “aggressive” songs.

“I made his album with so much intensity, almost enough to lead the Japanese music industry. Though I don’t know whether any artists would follow me (laughs).”

Kuu-chan laughs that she might be making too big a claim, but Koda Kumi was highly praised abroad from the start. Her debut song TAKE BACK reached #18 on the American Billboard charts. Many messages on her homepage and Facebook page are posted by people outside Japan. She also won the award for hottest artist at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Backstage several Korean artists also participating at the 2011 Awards rushed over to her and told her “I’m a fan of yours”.

Japan has amazing music that only Japanese are capable of making -
I want to try and show the world this.

“That award show gave me confidence and motivated me. But I want to get a little better at holding conversations in English. People who see me interact with overseas artists often admire me, thinking “Kuu-chan can speak English” but... there are many feelings (laughs).”

In her private life she’s stepping in the new world of marriage. But Kuu-chan is also making a new start as a woman.

“In the past there were times where I wondered whether I would put down my microphone and leave the stage after marriage like Yamaguchi Momoe. But in my case it looks like I will always be glued to my microphone (laughs). I love singing and I want to continue singing in the future. My dream since my debut to “perform Cutie Honey with my child in my arms” is still going strong (laughs). I’ll make that dream come true someday so please look forward to it ♥♥♥.”

10 questions to Kuu-chan from ViVi readers:

Q. Are you currently in love?
“Of course. Now that I’m married I’m still in love with him and my home with him has become a warm place ♥ If I had to put my happiness into words, I’d say it makes me think: ‘I finally met him’.”

Q. Things you want to do in 2012?
“To tell the truth, I’ve never performed at Budokan. I have the ambition to hold a mature performance with only ballads at a legendary venue like Budokan. I’ll be 30 next year after all (laughs).”

Q. Your favorite words?
“I love the words ‘unprecedented’ and ‘pioneer’ ♥. I love trying things that people have never done before (laughs).”

Q. How do regain your motivation when you feel down?
“Girl talk. Laughing loudly with my girl friends is the best medicine.”

Q. Did you have a party for your 29th birthday?
“I always hold a big costume party. I dressed up as ‘kumiremon’ instead of ‘okaremon’. I’ll leave the details of my costume... to your imagination (laughs).”

(Note: Google オカレモン if you want to see what okaremon looks like.)

Q. Tell us what kind of clothes you wear in private lately!!
“I’m into the House of Holland’s thin patterned tights. I wear them all the time but I have to wash them carefully so the numerous patterns won’t fade (laughs). I also love my Chanel ring which I got for my birthday - I’m wearing it on the cover.”

Q. What is the layout of your house like, Kuu-chan?
“Living room, bedroom, wardrobe room, studio and garage. There’s also a big terrace outside. I often talk with the girls there.”

Q. Do you eat certain foods for beauty?
“I eat EasiYo yogurt. The yogurt is tasty by itself but I add pieces of banana and konjac jelly to it and eat it for breakfast.”

Q. How do you spend your day off? ♥
“I watch videotaped drama series from morning till night. Really boring, right? Sorry (laughs).”

Q. Any places you want to go?
“Last year I secretly went to Disneyland with him on my birthday. I was too absorbed in the attractions and missed seeing the water show... I want to settle the score and go again when the weather improves.”

cr: amazing verduistering@livejournal

omg she is so sweet ;@;
happy early Valentine's Day o/
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