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GO!GO!7188 disbands due to vocalist Yuu leaving

Rock band GO!GO!7188 announced on Friday that vocalist and guitarist Yuu is leaving the band, and as a result, they will officially break up.

GO!GO!7188 was formed in 1998 by Yuu and bassist Akko, and they made their major label debut 2 years later in 2000 after adding drummer Turkey to the band. During their career, they released 8 studio albums, 3 live albums, 2 best albums, 2 cover albums, and 15 singles. In 2010, they took a break while Akko was pregnant, and the members focused on their solo activities in the meantime.

Yuu stated that she felt she had reached the limits of her ability to contribute to GO!GO!7188. Rather than forcing herself to continue with the band, she decided it would be better to withdraw. She did not mention her other band, Chirinuruwowaka, but it is assumed that she will continue her activities with them.

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