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Odagiri Joe to become a father of three in new drama, ‘Kazoku no Uta’

Fuji TV has announced that actor Odagiri Joe will be starring in a new drama called ‘Kazoku no Uta‘ next season.

It will be the seventh drama in Fuji TV’s relatively new drama time slot of Sundays at 9:00 p.m.; ‘Kazoku no Uta’ will also mark  Odagiri’s drama premiere on the network.

He will play the role of the once-popular rock musician ‘Hayakawa’, who’s been gradually fading into obscurity after the breakup of his rock group, ‘out of justice’. One day, he suddenly has to take care of three junior high schoolers who also happen to be his daughters.

After ‘Hayami-san to Yobareru Hi‘ and ‘Marumo no Okite‘, ‘Kazoku no Uta’ is expected to become another heartwarming and exciting family drama full of hardships, laughs, and love. Aside from Odagiri, the cast is also said to include Yusuke Santamaria (who will play his manager), Kanjiya Shihori (a photographer who falls in love with Odagiri), and Otsuka Nene (a former photographer from Odagiri’s golden days and the older sister of Kanjiya’s character).

So what happened to Odagiri’s group, ‘out of justice’?

The band was quite popular back in the day, achieving million-sellers during their peak. ‘Hayakawa’ (Odagiri) had a lot of fans thanks to his perfect combination of good looks and witty comments — he even topped the ranking for ‘the man you want to sleep with the most’. But 13 years ago, the group broke up after a big fight, and he’s been fading into obscurity ever since. The only thing that’s left from his time as a star is a 30-minute-long radio show at five in the morning and some occasional fan events.

Another thing he’s kept since the peak of his popularity is his weakness for alcohol. This is especially a big problem, since he always sleeps with the next best woman whenever he gets drunk, followed by a complete blackout the next day.

But ‘Hayakawa’ will have to change, as he suddenly becomes a father to three daughters in junior high and ends up having to live together with them. If this situation were to get leaked to the public, his record company would certainly terminate his contract.  As such, ‘Hayakawa’ will be forced  to hide their existence with various excuses.

Having to be the father of three girls eventually helps Hayakawa to finally grow up more, and before he knows it, he starts to grow a deep bond with them.

The three child actresses who are going to play his daughters have yet to be announced.


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