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Celebrity Baby News!

Talento Kinoshita Yukina (24) and comedian Fujimoto Toshifumi (41) of the duo FUJIWARA are now expecting their first child. Sources say that Kinoshita is in her 4th month of pregnancy and is due to give birth around August of this year.

Kinoshita and Fujimoto have been married since August 2010. Since then, Kinoshita has often publicly expressed her desire to become a mother, and now her wish has finally come true.

Kinoshita currently hosts the music show “Reco Hits!” and appears on various variety shows, as well as doing modeling work for magazines. It is said that she plans to continue working for now while possible, depending on her health during her pregnancy.

In other baby-related news, comedian Tsutsumishita Atsushi (35) of the duo Impulse revealed that he recently became the father of a baby girl on January 24. His wife’s pregnancy was announced last November.

Meanwhile, actress Toda Naho (37) also celebrated the birth of her first child, a girl, on February 10. She married a doctor in October 2010, and she revealed in August 2011 that she was pregnant.


Tanaka Kei & Sakura welcome their first baby girl

On February 7th, it was reported that actor Tanaka Kei and actress Sakura who announced their marriage and fifth month pregnancy back in August 2011, welcomed their first baby girl.

Sakura shared, “On February 6th at 3:24 AM, I, Sakura, gave birth to a girl safely. Right now, I’m full of gratitude that she was born. I also want to thank everybody who watched over us warmly. Thank you very much.

Tanaka also left a message, saying, “We have welcomed an energetic girl on February 6th. I feel thankful at the birth of this new life. From here on, I will continue to work even harder without forgetting the gratitude toward my precious family and people who have been supporting me.


Tanihara Shosuke welcomes his fifth child

Actor Tanihara Shosuke has welcomed a fifth child to his family!

Reports reveal that his wife gave birth to their baby before noon on February 3rd. Both the mother and child are in good conditions.

Tanihara is now a father to three boys and two girls. The proud papa commented, “We have been blessed with our fifth child. It’s a boy, and he weighs over 3,500 grams. Though so many things happened last year which brought me some uneasiness, I can keep a bright feeling, thanks to this baby. I will try even harder for my family, especially for the newborn.”

Conglatulations to Tanihara!


Actress Hasegawa Kyoko has announced that she has given birth to her second baby!

According to the announcement, Hasegawa gave birth to a healthy baby girl on January 25th. She wrote on her official site, “While being thankful for this new life, and clenching onto this happiness, I want to do my best as a mother and as Hasegawa Kyoko. Please continue to watch over us warmly.”

Hasegawa married Porno Graffitti guitarist Shindo Haruichi back in June of 2008. The couple welcomed their first son a year later.


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