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ARAMA Original: Drama Mega Recap/Discussion Post! Can you forgive me? EDITION

Shokuzai Episode 1

Episode Viewership:
Can't find them :(

Aoi Yuu plays a creepy character. Omata Erika plays her less creepy younger version. Koizumi Kyoko plays a creepy character. Moriyama Mirei plays a creepy character. Those were the relevant ones in this episode.

Episode 1 only! You thought I was going to recap all the aired episodes, right? Wrong bitch! This show is fucking horrifying! Sorry, I can only do one a post :( OP is a pussy. Plus episode one was 75 minutes long...I want to recap it properly, and doing 3/4 episodes in one recap won't work!
The setup of this drama is more like a series of films with one storyline. Prepare yourself for a long recap!

The story starts 15 years ago. A young child named Adachi Emily transfers to an elementary school in Ueda from Tokyo. She's cute, and instantly finds the companionship of four other girls in her class. WTF OP moved around so much as a kid and never made friends instantly /not kawaii enuf Emily has the perfect life: her dad has a good job, and her mother (Koizumi Kyoko) is fabulous and kind. You can tell the other girls are a little jealous of her, but there are no real hard feelings.

One day one of Emily's new pals, Sae, wakes up and finds that her porcelain doll is missing from her home. It turns out there have actually been a string of porcelain doll thefts in the town. The girls briefly discuss this subject in the school play yard before Emily changes the subject, and then they all start playing around with a volleyball. So far pretty normal drama yep yep.

And then the creepy faceless guy comes up asking for one of the girls to come help him do something. Shit! Shit! Run girls! They all seem to register his creepy-ass level. They all hesitate to go alone with him. One of the girls, the hbic, even suggests they all go together, or don't go at all. Of course the guy only wants one girl to come, so he singles out Emily (who is standing out of frame and slightly separate from the others) and asks her to come. No one thinks this is a good idea. Except for Emily. She readily agrees to go, saying that since she was asked specifically, she'll go alone.  The girls decide to just go along with it, and end up laughing it off by calling the guy a weirdo.

I'm sure most of you can put two and two together: Emily doesn't come back.

After a while the girls get scared, and decide to go looking for her. They end up finding her dead body in the gymnasium. These girls aren't dumb; but they are scared. They split up, some going to get help while Sae stays behind in the gym. Yeah, leave one kid alone with the dead body. Good plan. Obviously Sae is freaked out.

Next we see Emily's mom coming to the scene. Sad :( She even stands by and watches the other school kids being escorted home the next day. Don't you feel bad for her?

I don't. We'll get to that in a bit.

In the mean time we also see how Sae is dealing with all this. She has nightmares about the incident, dreaming of a man smashing a doll resembling Emily in the gym. WHAT THE FUCK THAT SCENE WAS SCARY AND GAVE ME NIGHTMARES. She asks her mom; "Am I next?" So yeah, she's fucked up now. Understandable.

On Emily's birthday, the first after her death, we see that the four friends have come to Emily's house to celebrate. I guess in this drama "celebrate" means get yelled at by a grieving mother. She blames all the girls for being unable to remember the killer's face. "You idiots! Why can't you remember?! This is all your fault!" Because it's totally those girl's fault, dumb bitch. She tells them that they better find a way to atone for this; otherwise they will suffer. She tells them that they must find the killer, no matter what. She will never forgive them until the crime is solved.

Flash forward to the present: Sae (Aoi Yuu) is now a nurse. Her life is really sad. She lives everyday in fear, barely able to leave her house. She's constantly looking over her shoulder, unable to feel safe. She is clearly still dealing with the incident. No one gets therapy in Drama Land. No one.

One day she gets an omiai invitation at work. It's from a guy she has never met before, specifically requesting her to come out on a marriage meeting. That's not creepy at all. She naturally doesn't want to go; not only is that really fucking creepy, but she likes to keep to herself. Too bad her boss makes her go turn the guy down in person. WTF boss nurse, WTF.

She meets the guy, named Otsuki Takahiro (Moriyama Mirei), at a restaurant. He tells her that they grew up in the same town together, and that he first noticed her in elementary school. She still doesn't remember him. Yet somehow he manages to worm his way into her life. Worm his way so well, he decides to propose.

But Sae says no. Why? Because she is "damaged goods." She has yet to get her period, and she says it's because she never wanted to get her period and grow up. BITCH THAT AIN'T HOW THAT SHIT WORKS.  Of course Takahiro is cool with this. He couldn't care less.

You wanna know why? He doesn't want a real woman. He wants a girl like Sae. One that isn't real. A doll. You remember the doll thief? Yeah, that was him. His most favouritest doll that he stole was Sae's. When he saw her as a kid, he imagined that she would grow up to be just like the doll. He wants to marry her so he can dress her up in doll clothes and stare at her. Well, that's creepy, but Sae figures she can't do much better than this...plus he has a really nice apartment...

On the day of her wedding, Emily's mom shows up. "I'm not here to ruin your happiness," she says. "Just to remind you that Emily will never get to wear that dress." Oh yeah, you sure know how not to ruin happiness! God, this woman is a fucking psycho. I hope she dies. But Sae gets married anyways, and starts to live a happy (?) married life with Takahiro.

They are actually a pretty cute couple, if you look past the nightly doll ritual and how fucked up they both are psychologically. But Sae gets lonely (Takahiro is pretty controlling, abusively so to say the least), and begs her mom to come visit her. During the chat, she starts to question if she made the right choice. Her mom basically says "Toughen up, bitch! You gotta accept how your maaaaayn iz!" Not the best of advice. She also tells Sae that the doll that got stolen was ugly, and that she was glad it was gone. OP did not get the symbolism of this tbh.

Things are going OK, but one night Sae and Takahiro get into an argument. He says the Emily incident means nothing to them. To Sae it's everything. He tells her that the Sae incident isn't what made her into a weirdo like she likes to think. Just like him, she was born that way. AND THEN BLOOD STARTS GUSHING OUT OF SAE'S CROTCH. LIKE, LITERALLY A WATERFALL OF BLOOD STREAMS DOWN HER LEG AND FORMS A PUDDLE THAT IS COMPARABLE TO LAKE EERIE. WHO TAUGHT THE CREATORS OF THIS DRAMA HEALTH CLASS?!

Well, as you can imagine, he doesn't want her anymore. Takahiro is actually disgusted now that Sae has turned into a "real" woman, and she is no longer just his doll. He tells her to leave after he's fallen asleep. She brutally kills him instead. OP did not understand why she killed him. Was that supposed to symbolize something?

Sae, still dressed in her doll attire, meets Emily's mom under a bridge. Wow, what a convenient meeting! She tells her that she killed her husband, and that no, he was not the killer. "Have I atoned enough?"

"Hmmmmm....I dunno...I guess...."

The rest of this drama is going to focus on the other girls and Emily's mom. Supposedly Sae is going to jail now. I hope she goes to a gynecologist as well.

OP: I am not sure about this one. Almost too highly stylized. It's halfway between a drama and a film, so it's awkward at times. I didn't understand half of the shit that happened.

Hungry!! Episode 4

Episode Viewership:

-1.6% from previous episode, yet another steady fall from first episode ratings

Episode 4! Extravagant Lobster Challenge!!!!!!!!!! This episode was funnier than the last, yet I have not found an episode that recreates the magic of the first two episodes.

This week: Eisuke is challenged by Aso to a cook off. AND THE SECRET INGREDIENT IS: HOMARD LOBSTER!!!!! ALLEZ-CUISINE!!!!!! (ok part of the reason this recap is late is because I started watching Iron Chef don't kill me)

There were a few laughs in this episode, but very little plot development. Last week a commentor pointed out that the portrayl of women in this drama sucks ass. After this week I can say I fully agree. The romance plot is 100% the same from Buzzer Beat. Yeah, I get it, ssame writer. Normally I would just accept this romance angle as his "signature." But no. NO. It does not logically make sense here. Not even a little bit.

Eisuke's girlfriend wants to break up with him...because he stopped being an unsuccessful musician. He left an unstable career for a potentially great career. Yet she brings up the example of...boring friends who chose a safe path? What? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! None of reasons for wanting to break up made any sense. It makes it hard to feel bad about the break up, which is probably the writers intention. During Buzzer Beat, he at least made the ex kind of badass. Here I'm just like...ok, this bitch is dumb. How is she even working at a bank? She ain't no Angelea!

And then we get to the other girl. The one who believes in our hero and is inexplicably, irrevocably, inevitably, inudubitably, impossbily in love with him. Booooring. I loved Chie in the first couple of episodes. She loved Eisuke's cooking but (rightfully) hated his bitchass. Now we just get some girl going gag about him 24/7. This drama missed out on some bantering gold after two episodes.

Last remarkable event: it was Eisuke's birthday, and a magical lobster helped destroy his property remind him what a great choice opening the restaraunt was. Plus he was working construction night shifts to pay his employees. Ahhhh, too bad those bitchasses blamed you! If Eisuke passed out, Domyouji wouldn't even be there to save him! WHO IS EISUKE'S DOMYOUJI, DAMNIT! Hmmmm doesn't Aso have curly hair!

Yes! Yes!

Eisuke, a chef from a poor family, is a talented upstart. He opens up a restraunt in order to make his family proud, but unfortunately the restraurant is located on Eitouku Dori, a street filled with only elitist-bonbon owned restraunts! Will Eisuke be able to melt curly haired tsundere Aso's heart? And what about his friend Kentarako? Is he hiding things from Eisuke for his own good, or does he have other intentions?! MACHI NI AI NO UTA NAGAREHAJIMETARA! HITOBITO WA.....ok ok, I'm finished.

OP: Drama come baaaaaaaaack and be awesome again!

Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen Episode 1

Viewership ratings:

Starring MoBeKiMaSu and some guy.

This was supposed to be a half series recap, but I think I got the jist after one episode.

Do you like H!P!? Then this drama is for you! The girls aren't even really playing characters, they are supposed to be characters that have a slightly different name than their real names, but don't tell the drama creators that! What do I mean? Michishige Sayumi of MoMusu plays a charater named Sayuri, but later on in the first episode it showed her name as Sayumi instead of Sayuri. SMH @ these lazy ass drama producers!

Also, since I've been ragging so hard on the guys innapropriately cast as highschool students this season...I have to bring up that some of these girls are in their early 20s and some are in their early 10s. WTF. They all pretty much look like tiny little girls, but still...I'm not dumb, ok?

So yeah. Math. Girls acting cute and quirky. Upskirt teasing. One relatively good looking man.

OP: I'm not sure who this drama is aimed at. Young girls? Creepy old men????? The most important thing I learned while watching this was that Niigaki Risa is graduating :( Right after her hair stopped looking like a fugly mushroom. I'll stick to just listening to old school Momusu, thanks.

Sabadoru Episode 1

Viewership Ratings:
Don't care lol, I'm sure they are fine since she's from AKB

Stars Watanabe Mayu, her backup singers, a guy who looks like Yamapi and Jin mixed together, and some other girly men.

Episode 1! Is this....is this supposed to be funny? It's not funny at all. Watanabe Mayu plays herself, but in this drama world she's actually...a middle aged woman. She has two lives; one as a teacher who can't act and one as an idol who can't act. Um, ok. Ahaha...ha?

Um I tried to find something positive to say...if this drama really did star a middle aged actress trying to pass for a teen idol, it would be funny. This way...it's not even slightly amusing. She looks and sounds the same in both forms.

If you love Mayuyu, knock yourself out. There are plenty of gratuitous lip shots. I like to consider this an extended photobook. If you are not a fan, I imagine you never even considered watching this. Good choice.

OP: If you want to watch an idol drama, go for Suugaku. At least you will learn math. Also, part of the reason this post is so late is because despite leaving a comment in a post about the pv for this drama to remind myself to cover this one, I couldn't remember this girl's name or the drama's name. All I could remember were her creepy flat bangs. They actually haunted me in my sleep. Just a pair of bangs, bobbing up and down and crappily singing Valentine Day Kiss. Listen, I'm no fan of AKB, but I would like to imagine there is someone with more acting skills and charisma than this girl.

Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata~ Ending Planner Episode 4

Viewership rating:
-3.8% from previous episode falling like a rock

Episdoe 4~! I kept on starting this one. I think I tried to start watching it 5 different times. Anyways, did you really think we would get some more Sorimachi this episode! Wrong bitch! After he called the family was just sort of like...eh. At least they returned to their normal awkward family mode after the phonecall. And then nothing exciting happened.

This week was soooooooooo boring! Total waste of my time. Something to do with inhertance and the police officer from Kurosagi.


BUT SHIT WENT DOWN IN THE LAST 30 SECONDS. Hayato is arrested for STABBING someone, Haruka is trying to meet up with her honey AGAIN, Momoko's teacher IS A FAMILY MAN (because this makes it worse that he is molesting her. Yep. IDK, maybe she just found out he was married in this moment, but wtf drama?? What are you trying to say to me? It doesn't matter to me OR surprise me that a man raping one of his students would be married), BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: KEN-NIICHAN IS BACK IN TOKYO, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OP: I think the ratings drop describes this episode perfectly. No need for me to explain. I really wish I could give you a longer ecap, but nothing new happened. Aikawa Show is great and all, but this storyline was placid and flacid.

Lucky Seven Episode 4

Viewership Rating:
+o.2% from previous episode

Episode 4! Wow! What a great episode! Has this drama finally found it's groove?

We've finally broken away from the episodic format of the first three episodes, and I finally learned the character's names!!! EVEN THE COMPUTER GIRL'S NAME! Kayak? Kyyno? Kino? Kayako? Kyano? Piano?

Basically, Nita, is on the lam. I'm not sure what he did; but he probably didn't even do it, so it doesn't matter. We learned something about the detectives and why they feel compelled to work at the agency. There is also now a plot! Wow? A plot happening at episode 4? That's kind of lazy unique. Now that there is actual conflict in the series, I am for the first time looking forward to the next episode.

PS writers: stop trying to make MatsuJun happen here. I can't tell what the fuck you are trying to do. He is literally forced into almost every scene. I get that he's supposed to be the lead, but please don't FORCE him to be the lead. Do we really need several scenes of him and Eita exchanging cryptic smiles and beating each other up? There are a lot of lazy things about this drama, but this is the one that is the most transparent. I know, MatsuJun is a big name and he's a good actor. You don''t need to shove him down my throat for my to realize.

OP: Did anyone else laugh during Naka Riisa's scene with MatsuJun? When she walks up to the stranger's dog and has a conversation with him WHILE HE IS 10 FEET BEHIND HER? Imagine how the dog walker felt. "Um, I'm glad you decided to share your feelings, but I'm just trying to walk my dog....shouldn't you be by the person you are talking to?" PS Does anyone else remember that Koyama is supposed to be in this drama ;_;

Risou no Musuko Episode 5 and 6

Viewership Ratings:

Episodes 5 and 6! Oh GOD, do I love this drama! Earlier in the season it really looked like it was going to be a hot mess...but honestly, this is the kind of drama that reminds me why I love watching Japanese dramas. A perfect blend of wackiness, morals, and self awareness.

You all have probably taken notice that I despise dramas that rely on episodic plot elements. So why do I love this drama that uses them up the whazoo? By now we all have the story progression memorized: cafeteria ladies say something that worries Mom. Mom does questionable things in order to protect her son. Son turns into a koala and beats the shit out of another animal. Next episode we start all over. 

Yes, it could potentially get boring. But I personally think the difference between this and another drama that uses an episodic format is that the repetition is meant to be here in Risou no Musuko. It's not relying on using the same story line over and over because it's too weak of a drama to have a linear plot; it's purposefully using the same situations over and over again as a plot device. Think Utena vs something like Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach. OP: I'm not even gonna front, I've never seen Wedding Peach before in my life, and I have no plans to.

I can't even find anything to hate on in this drama. All the actors are giving 110% even KisMyFlop is hilarious playing his role halfway between romantic interest and wannabe son, the writing is on point, and the cheesy graphics actually work. This drama is enjoyable on a shallow level and on a more in depth level. LOOK ME IN THE EYES AND TELL ME JESUS-SENSEI IS NOT JESUS. DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

Just a quick summary of these episodes in poetic form:
An elephant masking
his love for a bird
A mother's well meaning lies
Always check your fly

OP: Yoshinaga Jun (Father Complex lass) is absolutely charming, I hope to see more from her in the future!
EDIT: I forgot the source for the drama ratings. Source for recaps is my head ;)
OP: In case you can't tell, the monstrous writeup of Shokuzai episode 1 is why this writeup seems a little short. Now discuss! I realize the recaps are now behind; after I submit this post I will start working on next weeks and everything should be caught up by then :)

Want some more dramas added to the post? Feel free to mention it! Also, don't be afraid to discuss something that is not included in the recaps! Wanna write a drama scenario about Jinnifer's escapades this past week? Wanna ask for some drama recommendations? Wanna post do not spam fanart or gifs of this seasons dramas? GO FOR IT! You can do anything except talk about how awesome Shut Up! FBB is because it's a kdrama and doesn't go here :( :( :( :( fucking love that drama

Also, since we are pretty much halfway through this season: what drama has been your favorite so far?
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