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Ieiri Leo ranks high on recochoku prior to her debut

The much-praised 17-year-old singer and songwriter Ieiri Leo, who is still going to senior high school, is finally going to make her official debut with her single “Sabrina” on February 15th. Online and mobile music portal Recochoku exclusively started distributing the full song for download prior to her debut and it already made it into the top five of the daily ranking for February 12th.

Ieiri commented about the success, “This is a song containing my feelings that I wrote in my small room when I was fifteen. On one hand it’s a bit embarrassing to let so many people listen to it now, but on the other hand I’m just incredibly happy.

On the day of her official debut, Ieiri is also going to tackle her first live performance for the few lucky people that were chosen from the over 1,000 applicants that wanted to get an invitation for this precious event. She basically has no live experience at all, except for the opening performance for the concert ‘MUSIC FOR ALL ALL FOR ONE‘ at the First Gymnasium of Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo in December of 2011. It was her very first public performance and she had to do it in front of more than 10,000 people who probably hadn’t heard about her yet.

Ieiri was discovered by producer Nishio Yoshihiko and trained at his music school in Fukuoka. He and his school already brought fourth talented artists such as YUI and ayaka. It seems like all signs are pointing towards a similar successful career for the young Ieiri.

I am luving this song<3
She has a really nice voice!

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